One would have thought that with the rapid adoption of messaging apps, text messages and email, we would have long solved the problem of getting the right information to the right people at the right place and time.

Unfortunately, we haven't. Social messaging apps flood our mobile screens with a rapid stream of information that makes it difficult to separate the signal from the noise. Email keeps us informed but only when we find the time to read it and text messages confine us to 160 characters of plain text.

These are some of the problems we’re trying to solve with Pingtumi. Pingtumi is a broadcast only push notification service. We enable any business, organization or individual to notify large groups without the noise inherent in existing mobile communication services.

Turn down the noise:

Social mobile networks and other peer-to-peer communications services can be very useful. Unfortunately, they can also be extremely noisy. The primary reason is they’re conversational and unstructured. Anyone can participate in the conversation, even if their input isn’t relevant. Separating the signal from the noise can be challenging and it often deters potential new users.

We don’t believe every form of mobile communication needs to be conversational. With this in mind, we designed Pingtumi to be broadcast only. We also placed limits on the length of each message whether it be text, audio or video. We're challenging you, the broadcaster to be as concise as possible. We believe that the more concise you are, the more receptive your subscribers will be to your notification.

Let the user decide: 

One of the greatest challenges in getting the right information to the right people is having a deep understanding of their needs. While this can be achieved with small groups, it becomes increasingly complex with scale.

Instead of trying to guess what's important, we took the approach of empowering the sender (broadcaster) to define the content of their notification. We achieved this by assigning titles to each notification stream. A title is simply a brief description of the content or purpose of the notification. For example, if a broadcaster would like to disseminate information about the latest scores for the 4th grade soccer team, then they could create a title that simply reads “Latest Scores For The 4th Grade Soccer Team”. Anyone subscribing to the notification bearing this title will expect the content of the notification to match the title.

Make context part of the equation:

Something magical happens when great content is paired with context. Many of us are tired of receiving notifications at either the wrong time or in the wrong place. When we do, it feels like we’re being spammed. Imagine receiving a notification for a 50% discount on an article of clothing from your favorite department store. This notification is valuable if received while shopping near the store but not so valuable if received when we’re relaxing on vacation in a far away land.

This is where context comes in to play.  We designed Pingtumi so broadcasters can add context to their messages. They can achieve this by creating geofences (i.e. virtual geographic boundaries) and scheduling their message to be sent whenever subscribers enter or leave geofences of their choosing. We’re looking forward to discovering all the different ways that geofencing will be used to enhance message relevancy.

Timing is Everything:

Sometimes we send messages at times that are inconvenient to the receiver. Why? Because it’s easy to send messages at times that are more convenient to us. With Pingtumi, we’ve empowered our broadcasters with advanced scheduling capabilities. If you have a burning desire to create a message immediately but realize that now may not be the right time to send it, just schedule it and we’ll take care of the rest.

Get Pingtumi Now

These are just a few of the features we've included in the launch version of Pingtumi. If you download the app, you’ll be surprised at some of the interesting things you can do with Pingtumi such as adding a custom sound to an incoming notification or receiving the notifications on your smart watch. Best of all, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions so please feel free to provide feedback directly within the app.

We hope you'll enjoy using Pingtumi as much as we've enjoyed building it.


Rod Brewster

Founder & CEO

Pingtumi Inc.